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Top 3 activities to do with children in St Barts

What to do in St Barts with children? This is the question that all parents who want to come and spend a vacation on this paradise island ask themselves. Rest assured, if you have planned a vacation on St Barts your children will have at least as much fun as you do.

Children activities in St Barth

To fully enjoy your vacation on the island with children, many activities are possible such as enjoying the beaches and walks. You can also enroll your children in workshops dedicated to art and enjoy St Barts with adults.

1 - Beaches to be favored for children

Some beaches such as those of St-Jean, Lorient and Grand Cul-de-Sac are to be favored during your visit because they offer safe swimming with a low swell.

You will be able to offer your children unique activities such as kayaking or windsurfing thanks to boards adapted to their morphology. The older ones can opt for an initiation to paddle or surf for example.

2 - Activities and workshops for children

Because your children are not just fish in the water, it may be wise to offer them land-based activities.

In St Jean, for example, you can find a beautiful playground that welcomes children from 3 to 10 years old every day from 9am to 7pm. Enough to keep your children busy for a long time. It's also an opportunity to meet new people and let your children make friends with other children who will undoubtedly meet again on the island during your stay.

For the more creative children, you can opt for manual activity workshops. The Blue Gecko workshop, for example, is a ceramic painting and hobby workshop for children. What to let their creativity express itself. In the same vein, Vicky's Féérie is a playful and creative space that offers activities around drawing, painting, collages... A moment to share that will awaken your children to other things and sharpen their curiosity for art.

3 - Walks for children

Finally, you can share your passion for hiking and walking with your children. Some walks are more accessible, especially for children, and offer views just as breathtaking as more strenuous walks for experienced hikers.

The walk along the quays is the most pleasant and easy to access with a stroller. It starts at the entrance of Gustavia and ends at the territorial museum where a visit can be made. The museum is quite large and has a library where your children can borrow books to complete their stay.

If your kids want to do some scootering, rollerblading or biking, you'll have to go to the square in front of the city hall. This is the favorite walking spot for sporty families and it's another opportunity for your kids to bond with others.

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