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Top 3 sports activities to do in St Barth

Your vacation is the ideal time to pursue a passion, enrich a sport or discover a new one. It's a good thing because in St Barth, there are sports activities for all tastes, all personalities and all levels.

The advantage of doing sports on vacation is that you are fully available, you don't think about anything else. Generally we always feel better in our head and body after a sports session so when we have time and a sports routine is established during the vacations, these benefits are even more impactful.

1 - Hiking

St Barth has a beautiful natural landscape, with mountains and valleys that offer great views of the island. Hiking is therefore one of the most popular activities in St Barth. There are a variety of hiking trails, some easy and some more challenging, and you can discover breathtaking scenery.

The most popular hikes are those that lead to the top of Mont Vitet, the highest point of the island, and those that cross the St Barth Nature Reserve.

2 - Cycling

St Barth is also an excellent place for cycling enthusiasts. The island's roads are winding, lined with lush vegetation and offer spectacular views of the sea. Cyclists can choose to ride solo or participate in organized rides by local cycling clubs. The most popular cycling routes are Colombier, Lorient and Salines.

By choosing to do sports on vacation, you choose to surpass yourself and/or learn new skills. What to leave with a serene and happy spirit.

3- Golfing

For golf enthusiasts, St Barthsoffers a 9-hole golf course designed by Tom Fazio. The course offers spectacular views of the ocean and the island's hills, as well as a challenge for golfers of all levels.

Golf lessons and rental equipment are available for beginners and experienced golfers.

In conclusion, St Barth offers a variety of sporting activities for all tastes. Whether you like hiking, biking or even golf, there is an activity for you in St Barth. With its unspoiled natural landscapes and tropical climate, St. Barth is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts looking for adventure. So if you're looking for a sporty vacation destination, St Barth is the place for you.

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